Teacup Puppy Haters

Scammer website alert: Posh Pocket Puppies www.poshpocketpups.com is a scammer site who have stolen photos from our website in order to scam buyers into thinking they have those pups available. We have been notified by several that they have been scammed by sending money to them. DO NOT trust you will ever receive a puppy once you send them money.

In this business we have came across several groups and rescue organizations who do not take very kindly to our business. As a result they have spread horrible lies about us and many other legitimate companies throughout the USA who sell teacup and  small breed puppies. It is very unfortunate to see how hateful these groups can be. We are constantly under attack from them, and their nasty behavior and comments. They have formed several groups on facebook and other petitions to have puppy sellers banned and shut down. It is quite ridiculous to me why they spend so much time hating others for no reason other than they are deranged and think they are doing something good. We ask what is so bad about placing our amazing puppies in homes around the world and making families happy? They have their own accusations and assumptions but, still do not know the facts about our business and how we operate. They feel that small dogs are an abomination and should be banned! What do you think about this? Please feel free to email us your comments as we would like to share with you a link to sign to save small dogs from hater groups just like this. If you love small dogs we need to take action today to stop these crazy individuals. I find it funny that most of our pages across facebook and other social media sites have so many more fans for loving our dogs than they do for hating them. It is just insanity to me and we need to come together to make a statement what is right and wrong. You can also submit an inquiry for more info.

Scammer Alert

NEVER send money via Western Union or MoneyGram to Cameroon! This is a scam and we find people everyday who have sent money this way. It is sad but there are people out there who are stealing our photos to scam buyers out of $400 to $1000! We want to notify you that we have seen many website using our photos and many ads across the internet. If you looks to good to be true it probably is. Also, people steal our photos and put them on ads just to sell their bad quality dogs. I have noticed this happening too. They are adding our pictures and pictures from other Korean breeders I know just to get you to buy their puppy and then they are doing a switch and bait and selling you a puppy from their own breeding. Please do not fall victim to this. Always ask for video of the puppy and compare video to the photos of the puppy they are selling. DO NOT BUY a puppy without seeing a video! We want everyone to be aware of this. We can always request videos for you of our puppies and you will see our puppies are the same as in photos. Also, if you see a puppy from our website listed on any other site other than ours or one of advertiser websites it is a scam. Our quality puppies DO NOT cost $100, $500 or even $2000 so please be careful. Our puppies sell for $3500 and up and most other sellers who work with breeders from Asia puppies cost about the same as ours. So, please be careful and always ask for a current video.

We are often contacted by families who have been scammed or have seen our photos on other websites. I have a list started here. If you see our pups on other websites please alert us and we will add them to this list:


There are many more out there! These are just the few we have been notified of. Shop Smart DO NOT SEND WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM!