Important Information Regarding Our Twilight Pups ~ Please read prior to Inquiring ~ 

Just because a puppy has been discounted or pricing has been reduced doesnt mean there is anything wrong with the puppy. We reduce pricing for many factors including but, not limited to

age, overall changes in quality after further development, size changes, or the fact we have other pups coming of the same breed/color.

Here you will find discounted posted weekly. We do offer weekly discounts on pups that may have been on our website for 3 weeks or longer. Those pups will be added to Twilight Pups categories. These puppies are sold with a 30 day limited guarantee and will come fully vet checked prior to leaving our care. They will have all up to date shots and deworming and microchipped. We do not guarantee that the photos are up to date and anyone requesting new photos of pups here will require $1000 refundable deposit (up to 2 hours after pics have been presented to you. After that time our deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE and only a store credit will be given if we have not heard back from you) to be paid prior to us taking the time to update them on your behalf as we find on discounted pups we have a lot of window shoppers and clients who are not serious about purchasing a puppy. Its takes time for us to bathe, groom and take photos/videos of pups and why we now require a deposit to offer that service on discounted pups. If you have any questions regarding our policies please contact us at 1-888-743-0325.

~Images Below will Scroll So Make Sure to See Them All ~