More Information Regarding Teacup Sized Puppies!

Since teacup and micro are words given by breeders to describe the size of a tiny puppy there is no universal standard. Each breeder has the right to express their own definition of the size of a puppy. It is not a breed or different from the breed itself. It only describes size. Every breeder might express the word teacup to determine different sizes and weights of their own puppies but, Our standards of the word teacup or micro are stated below:

Teacup is usually means puppy will be 3 to 4 pounds full grown. Micro is a word we use to describe puppies to be between 2 to 3 pounds. We can only estimate puppy sizes and weights at full maturity. It is never guaranteed as it is impossible to guarantee a puppy’s weight. The only way to know adult weight of a puppy is to buy an adult over the age of 8 months old.

Are Teacups Healthy?

Well, the words has brought much controversy between dog breeders today. Many people have the mistaken idea that teacups are not healthy. While it is true that some teacups can have health problems, if a teacup is bred from a healthy line, and bred from a line that is specifically bred to be small, then they can be just as healthy as any other size dog. Sometimes a puppy will be born extra small out of a litter of regular or miniature size that have all regular or large dogs behind them, and the breeder will call this a teacup. But the real reason that the pup is tiny, is because they have something wrong with them that keeps them from growing to normal size. This pup might be sickly, or will have numerous health problems, or might even seem to be healthy, but only lives for a short time or a few years. This is not a true teacup! This is just an unhealthy pup! This is where many people mistakenly get the idea from, that teacups are not healthy.That is why it is so important to purchase a teacup from an experienced breeder that has the knowledge to know the difference.

Boutique Teacup Puppies has worked with the teacup sized puppies for a long time and our breeders are experienced with breeding these tiny little precious puppies so just because other may think they are unhealthy we know the difference and we also place guarantees on our puppies so if in fact we were selling teacup puppies that were so unhealthy we would not offer a guarantee on them. So, please understand the difference between a true teacup and a runt of the litter as there are differences on how they were bred.

How to Care for Teacup Puppies.

Care: Teacups are not suitable for everyone’s lifestyle. I get several e-mails a day from people looking for teacups. Many people get toys and teacups confused. Most people think that they want a teacup, when all they are really looking for is a nice tiny toy! A small toy is still tiny enough to rest in the smallest lap, fit in the new papoose backpacks or reside in a condo or apartment. They do not realize the extra care that a very tiny teacup requires. Most true little teacups cannot jump on a couch or bed or climb stairs. If they are put on a bed or couch, they must be watched constantly so that they do not fall off, as they can break a leg or be seriously or fatally injured. Plus, as puppies, because of their small size, they cannot have the run of the whole house and must be confined in a small playpen etc. They are also not suitable for households with small children or even larger dogs, as they can be easily hurt, dropped, or stepped on. Also, some (but not all) teacups are prone to *Hypoglycemia. (*Which is low blood sugar). When a dog uses up all his stored source of energy (food) and it isn’t replaced, then low blood sugar results. So if you decide to get a teacup, make sure you know the warning signs! To prevent this, tiny pups should have small frequent meals and plenty of time to rest.

Please understand that teacup and micro teacups might not be the right fit for your family as they do require a lot more care than a normal sized puppy so if we feel that your lifestyle is not suitable for a teacup puppy we may not sell you a puppy. It is for the best interest of our puppies.

Teacup Puppy Care Instructions:

Feeding Instructions:

Due to teacup puppies small tummies and high metabolisms, tiny and teacup puppies need to eat more than once or twice a day.  They need to eat every 4-5 hours AT LEAST and for the extra TINY puppies. They need to eat every 3-4 hours. FOOD=ENERGY and without the proper nutrition the puppy is susceptible to having hypoglycemia which we already informed you about in our contract.

My recommendation – and the least complicated feeding schedule to implement – is to have dry food available free choice! 

This means there is always dry food in the bowl which is in the playpen or readily accessible in its living area, and the puppy can get to it 24/7. That also means, that if you are carrying the puppy around with you a lot, you need to take it back into its’ playpen at least once every few hours or more often, for it to snack a bit and grab a few mouthfuls!!!

Puppies have a very short attention span and not remembering to eat is easy to do for these little pups so having food available to them at all times is the best practice to keep them healthy, happy and FULL!

The most important RULE to owning a teacup is your puppy MUST EAT! You cannot just say, “Well he didn’t eat this meal maybe I will try again later.” If the puppy will not eat the dry food or turns up its nose then you must try other foods. We suggest boiled chicken or brown rice or chicken baby food/beef baby food. You may also try canned dog food and usually Cesar brand works for best us in the purple or pink package. If your puppy has missed a meal and is not wanting to eat then the next step is NUTRICAL or KARO syrup.

 Link to purchase Nutrical for Puppies:

 **Put a dime size amount Nutrical or Karo Syrup on your finger and most of the time the pups will lick it off your hand but, if not you must physically open their lil mouths and place it on their tongue/roof of the mouth for them to get the nutrition they need to eliminate the possibility of hypoglycemia. DON’T RISK IT ALWAYS KEEP NUTRICAL on outings!


Housing Info:

We do suggest buying a puppy playpen so your puppy has a safe place to be when not being supervised.

Set it up away from air vents or drafty areas.

We have a few suggestions on amazon

Link for Playpen option:

I suggest buying 2 so the puppy has a nice large area to play. You can connect them together


Make sure you have purchased all the items on the shopping list and you can add their beds, food, water and puppy piddle pads in there.



 Teacup Puppies Sleep a lot and need their rest. It’s important to let them take their naps during the day and not too much playtime.

 They like to take catnaps during the day and sometimes may only last 30 minutes or so. It’s an important part of their wellbeing and health.

Do not take your puppy out immediately after bringing him home. Let him adjust to you his new environment and keep them away from other dogs other than your own until they have finished all their vaccinations. That means not taking the puppy to public parks or places.

At your vet trips keep your puppy in your arms and don’t let him run around on the floor, as you don’t know what was there before you came in. Taking your young puppy to public places increases their risk of picking up nasty viruses like parvo as you cannot be sure what was there before you were. Teacup Puppies need to be 6 months old before public outings.