Shipping and Delivery Information

Prior to Checkout,its important to give us a call so we can walk your through the shipping procedures as they are listed below but, we do offer several options so its best to discuss these prior to submitting your order. You can reach us by calling 1-888-743-0325 during business hours of Mon-Fri 9am-6pm. Otherwise, please use our contact us form to ask questions. Not following up with us prior to purchasing your pup there MAY be additional shipping fees required to complete your order.

Cities that we ship to Free are:

Anchorage, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Canada and Vancouver, Canada You will have the option at checkout to choose one of these airport/cities. With this shipping method you will be responsible for picking up your pup. Once the order is placed and full payment is submitted. We will send your info to our partner and he will make arrangements with Korean Airlines to ship your puppy to the airport.

Please note: If you want your puppy to be cleared and pick up by our handler and then re-shipped to you then you would choose shipping option Flat Rate as that service is $550.

We have entered all the zip codes for the areas around these major cities listed above. If you would like to shipping there and live elsewhere but, willing to drive to one of our FREE cities for shipping please select that option on checkout.

If you live in other locations from listed above we have an option of bringing the puppy in to Houston and having the puppy cleared by our broker and reshipped to you with United Pet Safe. There are documents that are required for this service. We will require a POA for informal entry and copy of your Passport if outside the USA or A copy of your Drivers License if inside USA. This service is $550 and does not include nanny delivery. We will email you a copy of the Informal POA for entry if that option is selected at checkout. We require POA to be returned no later than 48 hours of purchase or shipping will not be booked/reserved for your puppy. At checkout please select click and pick Houston option.

We do offer Cargo shipping with United Airlines to other destinations in Canada for the cost of $750 for all health certificates, documentation required and shipping/handling fees. Please call us prior to placing your order if you live in Canada.

Shipping Information

Option 1: Flat Rate Shipping ~ Rate $550~ Option is for us to bring puppy into our local port in Houston and reship to you. This rate includes all broker, handling, and shipping fees. This option is for those we cannot offer direct shipping to within the United States. This is NOT and option for international shipping!

Option 2: Click and Pick Up Free Shipping ~ FREE ~ Option is for those that can pick up their puppy at one of the airports listed. This will require you pick up your puppy on your own behalf. Once you have submitted shipping information we will reach out to our partner with your information to book your flight. Depending on when the puppy is purchased and how old the puppy is will depend on when it will be able to leave. If you have questions regarding this please contact us before placing your order. Once we received an airway bill number and info from our partner we will forward an email over with the information where and when to pick up. The cities we offer Free shipping to are Anchorage, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Canada and Vancouver, Canada.

Checkout Option Add ons In List:

  1. You must let us know how you will be paying the puppy. If you are paying by credit card in full there will be a $250 fee added to the total to cover the credit card expenses.
  2. If you want to opt for the Nanny Service after choosing option 1 above the rate will be an additional $400 to hire our nanny to pick up your pup and hand delivery it to you at your closest airport.
  3. Nanny Service/Document From Houston to International Destination outside the USA if not Direct Shipped from our partner. You will select this option along with our Flat Ship Rate (option 1) listed above. Nanny service is $1500 for international travel and is a separate fee than our import/document handling fees for option 1.
  4. Issue a New Health Certificate Rate. If you would like us to issue you a new health certificate prior to leaving Houston you may add that service on for an additional fee of $185 as all of our pups are vet check and receive a vet issued health certificate before leaving our partner.
  5. Full warranty Option is for those who purchased a puppy less than $6500 and would like to go ahead and upgrade to our full year warranty.

Puppy Nanny Service upon Availability

If you want to hire a puppy nanny through us where the puppy will be brought in to Houston under your name and we have a broker who will clear your puppy on your own behalf and then ship to you with our puppy nanny the fee for entry, broker clearance/handling fee, and nanny travel fee will be $850. Please note all nanny shipping is by availability only and there are usually possible wait times as our nannies do fly standby and do not have paid seat options with this service. Please select option Flat rate shipping and added on nanny service from the list we offer at checkout.

International Shipping Via Puppy Nanny

International Shipping: We can ship your puppy to most location outside the USA via Airlines cargo. Our puppies can travel with Alex our puppy nanny. His Rate is $1850-$2300 for all international travels in Europe as it is 3 day trip for him including taxes, hotels her travel fees etc.If you live in other country please call or email us prior to purchase so we can ask for a quote for you.Please note all nanny shipping is by availability only and there are usually possible wait times as our nannies do fly standby and do not have paid seat options with this service. Handling fees are also added to this total as the puppy will be brought into our port prior to the nanny pickup.

We do offer shipping TO Mexico with a Puppy Nanny service! 

Also we have a puppy nanny/sales rep in Mexico who can fly to Texas to pick up your puppy and travel back. If she is picking up more than one at a time she will provide a discount. There will be a import handling fee $585 added to her quote. Her quotes are $800 to $1200 plus the handling fee of $480. She does occasionally offer discounts if picking up more than one puppy. Contact Marta directly by calling # 5516368143 for all shipping needs to Mexico.

Breakdown of Fees for Shipping your puppy to Mexico with our puppy nanny ~

$200 for New health certificate for travel to Mexico.

$200 Broker/Clearance Fee

$185 ~ Handling/Transport fees to and from the airport to meet our Nanny.

Nanny Fee ~ $800-$1200 depending on airport.Travel to Texas pick up puppies and take them back to Mexico to meet client and to be determined by Marta our nanny in Mexico.

International Shipping Directly From our Breeder \We are now Offering Direct shipping FROM OUR BREEDER WITHOUT A PUPPY NANNY to most countries for $400 to $1000 depending on destination.

There are appropriate wait times depending on destinations for shipping.

It is best to look over what your country requires for bringing a puppy before contacting us so you are familiar with the process. Click here for more information:

Quotes for a Few Countries below:
Dubai ~ $400 ( up to 90 days wait period )
Saudi Arabia ~$400( up to 30 days wait period )
Pakistan ~ $400( up to 30 days wait period )
Isreal ~ $400( up to 90 days wait period )
Kuwait ~ $600( up to 30 days wait period )

Thailand ~ $800 ( up to 30 day wait period)
Most of Europe $800 ( 90 day waiting period )Philippines $400( up to 30 days wait period )

Hong Kong ~ $1000(up to 30 days wait period ) Here a nanny is required!

If you would like faster service the puppy can be sent with a puppy nanny from the USA for additional rates of $1500 to $2000 usually per location.

Email or Call us 1-888-743-0325 for a quote for destinations outside USA and Canada. Very reasonable rates!