More Information Regarding our Purchase Process.

This is important information and should be read by all who are interested in purchasing a puppy.

We accept all major credit cards for purchase except American Express.

Not reading this information will not change our terms and conditions per sale as its the clients responsibility to follow up on terms and conditions pre-sale.

We do not have a location to view puppies in person. We do not bring unsold puppies to our location as all puppies must be sold prior to their arrival to the USA. We do not import puppies for resale. All puppies are sold prior to their arrival to USA and enter as pets to be shipped directly in buyers name. Time-frame from final payment to arrival averages 7-10 days but is not guaranteed as other factors can play into this. Our breeders program is located in South Korea and that is where our puppies are shipped directly from. 

We can provide you with Videos and or Photos/Video with your name if so requested. We keep our photos updated biweekly.

Due to the work involved including paperwork, boarding we have a minimum Purchase price for shipping Internationally to Europe and Middle East. Puppy cost must be more than $5,000 USD

We do not sell puppies to breeders except those who have been approved for our breeders program ~ Our pups are sold exclusively as pets and are not sold with registration papers or pedigree.

Why Choose our Business to Purchase Your Pup instead of Our Competitors?

  1. We provide only the best quality puppies hand picked by us to offer our clients only the best.
  2. We operate under a business license and follow the guidelines to keep our business in good standing. See business license for a copy.
  3. Our promise is to you is provide you excellent customer service and be here to guide you on how to care for your puppy after purchase and not just before.
  4. We take care of our clients in their time of need if any issues with their pup may come up as some of our competitors clients have come to us after they have purchased from them and were treated terrible and ignored.
  5. We offer some of the best incentives and rebates on purchases.
  6. Our prices are some of the best for the quality of puppy you will receive.
  7. We have a large proven network of clients who can be verified via our social media so you can reach out and speak to them directly to see how their experience was with us.
  8. We treat our clients like family and are always eager to hear from them with updates and news.
  9. We accept paypal for your protection so you are fully covered for your purchase with us.
  10. We provide you all the necessary instructions on how to raise a healthy teacup puppy.
  11. We offer an inside look at our business so you can see how your pup is cared for and raised.

    Factors that determine the price of our pups.

  1. Our breeders price as our breeders always breed for highest, quality and standards.
  2. Our Full Year health guarantee warranty as pups are priced for us to cover the puppy for a full year and in the event we have to replace the puppy.
  3. Our Sizes on our pups as specialize in the some of the tiniest.
  4. Our Quality as you will not find many puppies out there who beat our quality as often seen other website these price but, pup quality is no match. We pride ourselves in selecting only the best for our clients as there are others out there selling $5000 pups and up that are truly not worth the quality. The overall structure of the puppy with proportions, head shape, nose length, facial expression, coat factor all are key factors for the perfect pup. We have an eye for puppies like no other and know true quality. If you are looking for a bargain deal or pup you will not find that here. We are NOT the resource for everyone but, we do provide excellent customer service and will go out of our way make sure our clients expectations are met. Purchasing a new family member is a very emotional experience and we know that so we try and cater to all of our clients reasonable request and needs. We do screen our potential clients to ensure the best homes for our puppies as certain lifestyles will not be able to cater to a teacup puppy’s needs.
  5. Also, please remember to be kind when inquiring about one of our puppies as rude, abrupt or abrasive inquiries are less likely to receive a reply or those begging for discounts of sending us low-ball offers. We take pride in our business and service and will always show respect and understanding to our clients needs. Kindness goes a long way and this is not a bargain shop for puppies.  If you call us with a rude attitude we will likely wish you the best in your search as we are selective with the clients we work with and feel everyone should show the same respect to us as we show you. Emails asking for discounts will likely be ignored. 

Purchasing Steps

Please CALL 1-888-743-0325 or EMAIL us before purchasing any puppy on our website.



1.) Sign up for a Membership either Free Non-VIP or VIP membership. Browse our selection of puppies via our website. Call us at 1-888-743-0325 so that we can answer questions that you may have about your new teacup puppy. Our Sales Rep in Mexico is Marta +52 551-636-8143 for all sales originating/shipping to Mexico.

2.) Make sure to research the different breeds you are looking to adopt so that you will know their breed related health issues, care and maintenance to be sure its a good fit for you family.

3.) Review our teacup puppy care page and blog entries as well before deciding to purchase a puppy.

4.) Once you have decided on a teacup puppy to purchase please call us just to check to make sure the puppy is available and after confirmation it is you can follow these steps to move forward with purchase. As we also have several shipping options to discuss with you to help finalize the transaction and guide you on what shipping option will work best for you.

5.) Make sure to review our Health Guarantee Policy to understand whats included and covered.

6.) We accept payment two ways. You can submit full payment with your credit card via our website. There is a $250 processing fee added to the total for all full credit card purchases. You may also submit a deposit of $1000 and follow up with a bank wire or direct deposit. After we have received your deposit submission. We will follow up with an email with our banking info to finalize payment for your puppy. A deposit will hold you puppy for 48 hours only. If you need more time or need to discuss payments please call us a 1-888-743-0325 prior to placing your deposit so that we can approve final payment date. If the final balance is not paid on approved date or within 48 hours the puppy will go back up for sale you will be issued a letter of credit to use within the next 90 days. You will be prompted to upload a photo ID or Passport copy to us at the time of purchase to verify the identity of whom is making payment. We require a photo id of the purchaser only not friends or family members. If you are name is on the buyers info we will require a copy of YOUR DL or Passport.Puppies are placed on hold by deposit or payment only as we receive a lot of inquires and visits to our website so to make it fair to the next client inquiring we do require a deposit of $1000 for a puppy to be placed on hold/pending for you.

Add on Options at Checkout: We have added several add on options to complete at checkout

  • Option 1: Select if you are paying for the puppy in full by credit card or deposit only. There is a $250 Required Fee for Full Payments made with credit card. This is required.

  • Option 2: If you would like to have a nanny deliver your puppy to you after arrival to Our Port in Houston. Our normal fees include cargo shipping with United Airlines Petsafe but, if you would like the nanny to deliver we can set that service up for you for additional fee. Download Required POA here to complete.

    • Option 3: Additional Warranty Option: If you are purchasing a puppy that only comes with 30 day warranty you can upgrade for a full additional year for $800 added to total cost of the puppy.

7.) After deposit or purchase is made please visit our Health Guarantee page and complete the form at the top of the page. Upon submission of this form you will be prompted to sign our warranty. This is required to be completed at the time of purchase and no later than 24 after purchase of your shipping will be delayed for up to 1 week.

8.) Picking up your new teacup puppy via our puppy nanny to your closest international airport is such an exciting moment. Below are items you will take with you to the airport. Blanket, Crate/Carrier, Royal Canin Mini Puppy Dry Food, Puppy Training Pads, Baby Wipes, Bottle of Water, Food/Water Dish

9.) We do want to keep up to date with you and your new teacup puppy and would like to receive a testimonial to add to our customer gallery. If you would like to send us a photo testimonial in return we will ship you a box of goodies from Barkbox filled with treats and toys for your new puppy.

10.) Discounts are offered to repeat clients if they are part of our VIP Puppy Club. We no longer offer discounts to non-VIP members.

11.) Love our puppies and know someone who is looking. Call us for a referral code to offer them and you could earn up to $500 for each referral you send our way.


We only offer sales/discounts to those in our VIP Puppy Club. If you would like to access our VIP Members Discounts please sign up here and pay your membership fee of $10.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds on any payments deposit or full payment for change of heart decisions no matter the circumstance. The only time a refund is given is if we determine you are not a suitable home for one of our puppies or if in the event the puppy has developed a life threatening defect or issue. We do not offer exchanges after a puppy has reached its home for the reason you do not like the puppy. The only time exchanges are applicable would be if the puppy developed a life threatening defect under our health warranty contract.