Puppy Description

We are offering memberships to join our VIP Puppy Club for those who want to be on our waiting list to see our pups first before going LIVE to our site. Every week we have new puppy arrivals and not all of those make it to our site as we have clients who are on the waiting list. VIP puppy club would offer you the chance to see these pups first and never miss your dream pup.  We have a VIP Membership and with the membership fee of $10 you would be included in our group for 1 year.  Being an exclusive member would also gain your access to our discounts, giveaways and free shipping promotions that we will be offering from time to time.

4 Ways to be included in our VIP MEMBERSHIP:

  1. 1. Email List
  2. 2. Text Notifications to your Cell
  3. 3. Facebook VIP Member Group
  4. 4. Instagram Following Account for VIP Members

By joining our group you will receive notifications on sales, free puppy giveaways and more. We will not announce some of these offers to the public so they will be only offered to VIP MEMBERS!

If you are interested in joining our VIP club please complete the form below and we will send you an invoice and once paid we will send you the group link so that you can join.

We have 3 admins for our group so that you will be able to ask any questions regarding the puppies listed. With this group we will have an idea of what you are looking for and do our best to find your dream pup.


Please complete the form below to be added to our VIP Puppy Membership for exclusive offers!
  • Please Note: Certain Breeds and Sizes will require a minimum budget so please email or call us to get an estimate if you have questions regarding pricing.
  • Let us know how we should connect with you to keep you informed on our promos, sales and updates?