Customer Review : Baby Angel now home with Regina K. in North Carolina.

//Customer Review : Baby Angel now home with Regina K. in North Carolina.
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Customer Review : Baby Angel now home with Regina K. in North Carolina.

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Puppy Description wrote: &return&&newline&Hi Ashley, Here is a copy I posted on one sight but dont know what other sights to review at.&return&&newline&Let me know.&return&&newline& &return&&newline& &return&&newline&I wanted to give an actual review as a buyer’s perspective and my experience with Purchasing my puppy at MS Puppy Connection and Ashley Anderson.&return&&newline&I have read the reviews and yes, it scared me, but None of the reviews seemed to be legit because no one was an actual buyer from her. The statements listed on RipOff were from assumptions.&return&&newline&There were also a lot of stupid remarks like, “why buy a dog from a place that eats them..” Well I am from Korea and they only ate dog during the war when there was no meat, they did it to survive. They do not do this today…It is against Korean Laws. Bottom line, I spent a whole day fishing at the complaints and they all were not legitimate enough for me to be wary. &return&&newline&I emailed Ms Puppy Connection and got a super quick response. I talked to Ashley via email and then decided to call her to get to know her better. She was a very nice person to talk to and very informative. I felt comfortable and went ahead and made the purchase after a days worth of talking back and forth. After I paid her, i will admit, I was anxious and could not wait to hear from her again to get me new puppy.&return&&newline&My dog was delivered to me 2 weeks later by a very sweat man who was well groomed and handsome. He called me on the phone most of the trip to let me know where he was and how my puppy was doing on the flight. When He got to my airport in Fayetteville, he carefully handed me my beautiful Pomeranian from his dog carrying bag and asked me what was I going to name her and how she did on the remainder of the flight. &return&&newline&I immediately fell in love..My dog “Baby Angel” on her sight, was supper small. I have a 4 pound chihuahua at home but this didn’t compare. My Pomeranian was super tiny. She immediately wagged her tail and kissed me all over. I live 30 mins away from the airport and she wagged her tail and bit my finger the whole way home. When I brought her home, she played for a few hours with my children running around the house until she got tired and cuddled herself up on my furry blanket on the couch. &return&&newline&My forst impression. She is tiny, super cute and to me, she was better than I expected because what as a picture on a sight was now a living little creature in my arms. &return&&newline&Her eye lashes are long and white and accents her black eyes beautifully. She has a tiny nose that to me was soft, wet and black with slight pink marks. Her fur was well groomed and super shiney and soft. I told my husband that someone fed her good because her coat was softer than my last Pom I had. She had a soft fragrant smell on her coat, I am assuming id the shampoo she was bathed in for the trip. &return&&newline&I also wanted to see if she was hand shy…No, she is not. She actually bit me to play with her.&return&&newline&So..all the reviews about Ashley and Ms Puppy Connection…I am shocked that these people never bought a dog and never experienced a purchase with these guys to say such awful, gross things.&return&&newline&Her puppies are from another country, if you cant deal with that, then please buy an AKC dog from the U.S. Her puppy’s are well fed and are not starved..BTW I don’t think you can starve a tiny dog because they can die from Hypoglycemia. (someone stated these dogs are starved to get their small size) anyways…If you are a person reading my review because you want to buy a puppy from her then please do so, It will be a wonderful experience. If you can not bear the idea that the dog is coming from far away and you want her to pull strings for you like the dog was born in the U.S, then please get a differant breeder. I am not trying to be mean, just informative so that you as a buyer can weigh out your options.&return&&newline&i had a wonderful experience and will definately buy a brother or sister for my baby from her in the future.&return&&newline&Her dogs are differant in looks and definately cute as seen in her site.&return&&newline& &return&&newline&Thanks Ashley..I love my beautiful baby……&return&&newline& &return&&newline&Regina (Baby Angel’s mommy)