Breeding Rights Information!

//Breeding Rights Information!
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Breeding Rights Information!

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Information Regarding our Puppies and Breeders wanting Breeding Rights!

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Dishonesty Never Works!&return&&newline&If you want a dog with breeding rights please be honest and do not act if you are just buying pet for yourself. &return&&newline&We will consider reputable breeders and you will have to go through application process and provide vet reference. &return&&newline&&return&&newline&I am getting so tired of dog breeders contacting me to buy my puppies and tell me that they are pet buyers looking for companions. It seems weekly that breeders are lying to me to try and get our puppies for breeding or resell. Please understand that honesty is best policy as I WILL find out if you are a breeder. It is not ethical and shows exactly what type of breeder and person you are to lie to someone to get a dog with breeding rights. &return&&newline&&return&&newline&Please UNDERSTAND that we do not sell our puppies to breeders or for resell. It has also come to my attention that breeders are trying to buy our puppies for $2500 and reselling them to other buyers for up to $5000 or more. For that reason from now all of our puppies will have microchip and put in my name so that I know where our puppies go and if they are resold it will be known as when the new owner takes puppy to the vet the microchip will be registered to me and then only way to transfer the microchip information is by contacting me directly. &return&&newline&&return&&newline&For that reason we only offer CKC registration on our puppies and papers will only be issued after the dog has been spayed or neutered. &return&&newline&&return&&newline&We do our best to provide loving companions to families. We do not want our puppies being raised in kennels or puppy mill situations so this is why we go to great lengths to know where our puppies go and who will own them.