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Older Pups For Sale

//Older Pups For Sale

Are you on a fixed income or budget? Consider one of our budget pups and you may still use the Splitit Payment option to even have low monthly payments with your credit card. Splitit is not available on debit card payment only credit card with the full amount available on the card. Budget Pups are for those who are still wanting a beautiful small dog but, would consider a little older and past the young puppy stage. There is no rhyme or reason to why these puppies are still available as they were overlooked when listed or never found a buyer to commit so our loss and your gain! You get to own them at a discounted rate!
Note most of the poms on this page are in MOLTING PHASE that all pomeranians go through at 4-6 months and we have them reduced for that reason.
Occasionally have older puppies for sale for reduced pricing that have either aged up, grown up a little older or are in adolescent growth phase that could make them a little less desirable than a younger pup. These puppies still come with our 30 day warranty and are healthy, started potty trained and fully vaccinated.