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Shipping Requirements

We offer 2 shipping methods for you and we DO SHIP Internationally to select Countries
  1. Shipping via puppy nanny service. Your puppy will come into our port and then be forwarded to you with a 3rd party nanny service. This options is $1100 plus the cost of your puppy. This requires patience and flexible scheduling as the nanny's do fly standby and not a on paid ticket so changes, cancellations, delays are always possible. The nanny will reach out to you 3-4 days typically before a puppy is booked to go to your local airport with a schedule and place to meet. Boutique Teacup Puppies does not book your shipping as its provided by the nanny service and they will be the ones who reach out to you directly via text/email to confirm your availability to meet them on designated date. Nanny service turnaround is typical 2-3 weeks but, can very depending on the puppy's age at the time of sale
  2.  We handle all bookings for this shipping method for Shipping via cargo service from out breeder. Cargo service is $700 in addition to the puppy's cost and can be selected as an option at checkout. Cargo service wait can be up to 8 weeks depending on the age of the puppy purchased if the puppy is coming from South Korea. 8 weeks is not always the case but, it depends on the age of the puppy at the time of purchase and if they are 4 months. We submit your information to the airlines and usually they send us an Airway Bill number and schedule within 72 hours. We send a confirmation email to you with your shipping information and phone number to call to VERIFY you will be there to pick up your puppy. Verifications MUST BE COMPLETED at least 4 business days prior to departure ( not including weekends ). If you fail to verify a puppy's flight there is a fine subject to $250 for us to rebook your flight and redo your required documents to rebook. We can ship to these cities Dulles Airport, Dallas, Las Vegas, LAX, Chicago, JFK, Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver Canada and Toronto Canada. If you cannot pick up at any of these airports do not choose this shipping option. We do require a follow up email from you confirming you spoke to airline to confirm you puppy's arrival. Remember to take down the name of the person you spoke to so we can let the airlines know if for some reason they ask. 
  3. We do ship Internationally to UK and Europe. We will send our nanny to Korea or Mexico to pick up your puppy and hand deliver to your closest airport. The rate varies $1800 to $3000 really depending on your location. For all International travel we are required to meet your countries regulations to enter and turnaround times can vary. Shipping delays are always possible to international locations as so many factors come into play when sending a puppy to another country as requirements are always changing and sometimes additional blood testing is required. Typically 1-2 month waiting period as pups are required to be 4 months old with rabies and microchip. 
  4. We do not ship to Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, UAE or INDIA.