New Puppy Arrivals This week for Pre-Orders!

Puppy Shopping Warning

There are a lot of puppy scams on the internet and many websites who have stolen our images and videos off our site and advertising websites.
Many sites do not have a contact number or a way to reach them to have a detailed conversation about your puppy interest. They want you to wire money via western union, money gram or bank wire. If you are sending a bank wire DO NOT send money to a person but, make sure they own a business account with their bank. Banks require formation documents and proof of licenses when verifying business accounts. 
DO NOT send western union or money gram PERIOD! 
You will not see the puppy and DO NOT SHOP looking for $500 -$1000 teacup puppies THEY DO NOT EXIST and especially of this quality!
You will find yourself a victim of a scam. 
Shop smart and you wont have to worry about being scammed. 
Use common sense and do your research.
ALWAYS DO A REVERSE GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH on the photo of the puppy you are wanting to buy to see how many website and the original source of the image or video. 
There are ways to protect yourself from scams. 
Can the seller provide you a video with your name and date on a piece of paper? 
We offer that service for our clients with a refundable credit card deposit.
If they cannot accept credit cards for payment there may be a red flag because as a cardholder you have protection from fraud with the bank. 
So stop, research and think about this purchase before diving in and heading to the next walmart to wire money to a stranger you do not know.