How to Shop

Business Hours for calls: Monday-Saturday 9am PST -  6pm PST 
Sundays we are closed for calls.
Send us a LIVE CHAT message. 
You may email us or leave us a voicemail during closed business hours.
Mexico is Marta +52 551-636-8143 for all sales originating/shipping to Mexico.
We do not have a store location and are an online boutique only and puppies must be shipped or delivered to your airport with a puppy nanny. We do not have a location for pick up unless you are located in MEXICO.



1.) Browse our selection of puppies via our website. Call us at 1-888-743-0325 so that we can answer questions that you may have about your new teacup puppy. Our Sales Rep in Mexico is Marta +52 551-636-8143 for all sales originating/shipping to Mexico.
2.) Make sure to research the different breeds you are looking to adopt so that you will know their breed related health issues, care and maintenance to be sure its a good fit for you family.
3.) Review our teacup puppy care page and make sure a teacup puppy is an ok fit for your family prior to purchasing.
4.) Once you have decided on a teacup puppy to purchase please call us just to check to make sure the puppy is available and after confirmation it is you can follow these steps to move forward with purchase. As we also have several shipping options to discuss with you to help finalize the transaction and guide you on what shipping option will work best for you. Our website is updated weekly.
5.) Make sure to review our Sales Contract page to understand whats included and covered.
6.) We accept payment two ways. You can submit full payment with your credit card or debit card via our website. All prices on the website are CASH prices. There is a $250 processing fee added to the total for all full credit card purchases for under $8500 and $500 added for transactions over $8500. You may also submit a deposit of $2500 and follow up with a bank wire or direct deposit. After we have received your deposit submission. We will follow up with an email with our banking info to finalize payment for your puppy. A deposit will hold your puppy for 48 hours only. If you need more time or need to discuss a timely payment arrangement please call us a 1-888-743-0325 prior to placing your deposit so that we can approve final payment date. If the final balance is not paid on approved date or within 48 hours the puppy will go back up for sale you will be issued a letter of credit to use within the next 90 days. You will be prompted to upload a photo ID or Passport copy to us at the time of purchase to verify the identity of whom is making payment. We require a photo id of the purchaser only not friends or family members. If you are name is on the buyers info we will require a copy of YOUR DL or Passport. Teacup Puppies are placed on hold by deposit or payment only as we receive a lot of inquires and visits to our website so to make it fair to the next client inquiring we do require a deposit of $2500 for a puppy to be placed on hold/pending for you. 
7.) We do prefer calls when inquiring about our puppies and we do not tolerate rude inquiries or those who we feel are going to be difficult to work with as we offer an amazing experience for our clients purchasing their puppy. We have strict business hours that must be adhered to as we both have families. 
Refund and Exchange Policy:
We do not offer refunds or exchanges unless your puppy has developed a life threatening, untreatable defect prior to delivery. All payments for change of heart decisions will NOT be refunded for any reason. We will issue you a letter of credit minus $500 for our re-listing fee. We take deposits very seriously and we think you should too when making the decision to purchase a puppy. 
NOTE: Since our breeding program is located in South Korea and Mexico all puppies require shipping to arrive into the US and to your local airport, regardless of your location.
Shipping Turnaround times are 3-4 weeks for our cargo service. Our expedited nanny service is around 2 weeks. Times may vary depending on age of puppy at the time of sale. 
Prior to Checkout, its important to give us a call so we can walk your through the shipping procedures as they are listed below but, we do offer several options so its best to discuss these prior to submitting your order. You can reach us by calling 1-888-743-0325 during business hours of Mon-Fri 9am-6pm. Otherwise, please use our contact us form to ask questions. Not following up with us prior to purchasing your pup there MAY be additional shipping fees required to complete your order if you are outside the USA. 
SHIPPING IN THE UNITED STATES ~ Rate Flat $1000 no matter destination  
All puppies that enter the USA must be cleared via customs with a customs broker at the port of entry. The shipping fee is $1000 to include terminal fee $75 customs clearance $150,  pick up drop off fees $195 at our local vets office which includes 2 days boarding there for $50 a night , new health certificate $50 and then our reship fee with airlines cargo $375. During certain times of the year Cargo service MAY NOT be available and Nanny shipping is required due to temperatures.
Free Shipping Airports: We do offer direct free shipping to certain airports including JFK, Dallas, San Francisco, and Las Vegas if the puppy is older than 6 months of age and over a required weight.
SHIPPING IN CANADA ~ Rate Flat $1200 no matter of destination
All puppies that enter the USA  to be reshipped to Canada must be cleared via customs with a customs broker at the port of entry. Our shipping fee is $1200 to include customs clearance, pick up drop off fees at our local vets office which includes 2 days boarding and then our reship fee with airlines to your airport in Canada.
SHIPPING TO MEXICO ~ Rate includes shipping to our port and then having Nanny pick up and deliver to client in Mexico.
All puppies that enter the USA  to be reshipped to Mexico must be cleared via customs with a customs broker at the port of entry. Our handling fee is $1000 to include customs clearance, pick up drop off fees at our local vets office which includes 2 days boarding. Our nanny from Mexico is a licensed vet and she travels to our port and picks up the puppy to take the puppy in cabin to deliver to client. Her fee is $1200 for go to our port to pick up your puppy and then take back to Mexico as she has to pay for her roundtrip ticket, hotel and transportation and her time. Depending on how many pups she is picking up you may call her to discuss pricing. Marta can be reached at +52-1-55-1636-8143.
Depending on your country and regulations for entering our nanny can deliver your puppy to you at your airport outside the USA. We do NOT ship to Australia, South Africa, Hawaii,  or India unfortunately due to the regulations for entering those countries. Its best to call us or email us for a quote prior to purchase so that we can get a quote for you. We do not offer cargo service outside the USA.