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Why Teacup Puppies Have a Bad Reputation?

John Doe contacted  a month ago to buy a teacup pom because he saw one on tv or some ad in a magazine and just had to have one. John Doe, tells us that he is ready to move forward with his impulse purchase and that he has researched the pomeranian breed to know all [...]

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Korean Teacup Puppy Myths ~ Get the facts!

Korean Teacup Puppy Myths ~ Get the facts from someone who has been in the this business for over 8 years~ Not someone who has an opinion and decide to publish a post or has NEVER owned a puppy from Korea or how these pups are actually bred. Opinions and assumptions are not facts! Knowledge, [...]

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Extend Credit Application Download

For consideration for in-house financing please complete this application along with a credit report dated within last 30 days. We will verify the credit report if provided. Also, please send a copy of your photo ID along with a recent (last 30 days) pay stub for your employer. If no credit report is offered we [...]

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Breeders Network Application and Contract

Please complete our application for consideration to be accepted into our breeders program. Please email to us boutiqueteacuppuppies@gmail.com or fax to 1-888-575-8340

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Download Your POA Here For Non-Direct Houston Shipments

Our POA is for shipments that will be entering Houston our Port and cleared by our Broker. We require a POA so that our broker can clear your puppy via customs. We have attached a sample so you can see how to complete the form. This is for an informal entry [...]

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What breed is right for you? Lets Chat Pomeranians….

So you think you are leaning towards a Pomeranian for your new family addition... AKC 22nd most popular dog breed in the USA. Pomeranians are the little dogs with the BIG personality. Several Big name Poms out there: Jiff, Boo and Giggy have helped grow the love for the breed.   Cute, feisty and furry, [...]

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Is a Teacup Puppy a Right Fit for Your Family?

Is a Teacup Puppy Right For Your Family? There are a lot of factors to determine whether a teacup puppy is right for your family.   Teacup Puppies are so adorable and so cute but, please remember they require a lot of care and should only go to responsible owners. They are to be placed [...]

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Shopping List For Bringing your Teacup Puppy Home

Shopping List to Prepare for Puppy Arrival Owned and Operated by Teacup Puppies LLC We personally want to thank you for your purchase with us. We are very happy that you chose us for your new puppy and we value your business. If there is anything that you have questions about please contact us anytime. [...]

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