Korean Teacup Puppy Myths ~ Get the facts from someone who has been in the this business for over 8 years~ Not someone who has an opinion and decide to publish a post or has NEVER owned a puppy from Korea or how these pups are actually bred. Opinions and assumptions are not facts! Knowledge, experience and being a business owner for over 8 years we are familiar with how this business works and how far these animal rights activist and anti-teacup puppy haters will go to try and stir up trouble.
Ask these bloggers, animal rights groups, anti-teacup groups/pages to show proof of their claims and to show you documented videos of Actual teacup dogs in puppy mills and I am not talking about photos dated 20 years ago of puppy mills they pulled off google. Actual video evidence of teacup puppies living in these conditions in Korea. Its not going to happen….. They can get one guy standing in front of a pet shop making speculations and again not providing one shred of proof that this is actually going on.
There are so many speculations and assumptions made about teacup puppies and how they are produced. I have read so many articles and blogs who have inaccurate information. I am going to take the time to address some of these myths with you so you can see the other side and then we will let you decide.
Myth 1
The mother of the puppies undergoes a c-section early so the puppies are tiny and underdeveloped so they stay small.
Fact 1
It would be no benefit to take puppies early on a c-section as any wrong calculations on dates of when the bitch was bred could mean a dire situation for the puppies. Dogs have a gestation of normally of 63 days and it may go as late at 68 days and as early at 58 depending on the bitch and how large/small the litter is and when the last egg was fertilized during the breeding. A vet must have accurate info of the breeding dates to make the best determination and why vets preform x-rays of the puppies at about 50 days so that they can determine litter size and how large the pups are. Any miscalculations can lead to pups not being developed enough and they would die. Teacup puppies are born weighing a mere 2 to 3 ounces at birth. It is not possible for a puppy to be taken before day 61 that the pups would actually survive and this serves true even in larger breeds who are 6 to 8 ounces at birth. An undeveloped puppy born too early would not have proper lung or organ function and would certainly die quickly after birth if not fully developed. Its is not beneficial to anyone to force a c-section on a dog for any reason unless absolutely necessary as there are more risk involved for puppies and the bitch. The bitch would be risk for infection, rejecting her puppies, and have lack of milk which are all considerable factors of c-sections. Not only to mention they are costly. There are not any benefits to this method unless its absolutely necessary to help save the life of the bitch and her puppies. Do yourself a favor if you still have questions and research c-sections in dogs and look at the actual facts of breeders who have had to have this procedure performed. Talk with your vet and ask him if its possible to take puppies 5 to 10 days early and what are the chances of survival?
Myth 2
I have heard that some have said there is a shrinkage shot that is given to the mother during pregnancy to make her pups stay small.
Fact 2
Hmmmm…… Lets think about this. A shrinkage shot that no one actually knows exist but, something that we can put out there to put in peoples mind and they actually buy the story. Do you know how much money for research it would cost to develop this amazing shrinkage shot? Also, I wonder since no one actually knows it exist how costly it would be to buy them? Certainly not cheap since most articles are saying that Korean dogs average cost is 1300-1500 won. Seems kinda crazy to me. This is just wrapped up to be another lie that crazed, animal rights group come up with to make their stories sound so much better. You find this so called shrinkage shot please do call me as I would love to give them a dose of their own medicine.
Myth 3
I have heard that all these pups you sell are bred in puppy mills and living filthy conditions.
Fact 3
It is no surprise that there are puppy mills in every country worldwide and yes there are those in Korea too just like we still have in the USA too but, to speculate that our puppies are from actual puppy mills is absurd. Has anyone ever discovered these teacup puppy mills and exposed them in Korea? Not to my knowledge. Its always those who obviously know nothing about how these tiny 2 to 3 ounce pups are raised and the care that it takes to help them survive the first few months of life. Raising tiny puppies is no joke. They require around the clock care and scheduled feeding times, sometimes tube feeding if failure to thrive also know as fading puppy syndrome. They require their temperature to be constantly regulated with heat lamps or disk. It would cost a puppy mill who again are speculated to be selling puppies for only 1300 to 1500 won to hire around the clock nannies to care for each and everyone of these puppies and if you do the math probably not very profitable business as some would like to think. I could go on and on on this subject but, have you actually googled puppy mill to see what images come up. I find this quite absurd as in most toy breed litters and especially teacup litters you average 2 to 4 puppies and most of the time being 2 so how is that profitable to hire nannies for all the care, c-section cost as they claim. These claims made actually make absolutely no sense if you do the math as it all comes down to what story sells and how many people are actually going to read and believe just because they read it on the internet. Start asking question and ask them how they come to that logic? Ask them, have they visited Korea and have seen first hand teacup puppy breeders and witness their care from birth til the time we are ready to list them to offer to loving families. I want you too now and see the quality, look and overall conditions for which the dogs are shown in these images. Puppy mills do not focus on size, quality of care of their of their dogs. Do you notice any of the puppies listed on our site and the condition of their coat, overall quality and how all of our pups are stain free around the eyes, feet and have gorgeous ice white coats? So do a little comparison to the images of those so puppy mills images and then look back at our site and look at our puppies and decide for yourself. Also, do me a favor and ask comment on the articles and blogs you read stating that Korean teacup puppies come from puppy mills and ask them to provide you proof of these so called puppy mills and ask to see photos of quality like ours living in these conditions. I saw a great article written by Elizabeth Brinkley that had a perfect explanation of why the word “puppy mills” are so often used by these anti-dog breeding/selling groups and animal rights activist. Take a few moments and read this article as the world around us is changing and every puppy seller out there is becoming a target to this absurd propaganda. http://www.bestinshowdaily.com/are-you-ashamed-to-admit-to-being-a-dog-breeder/
Myth 4
Teacup puppies are just not healthy and often die young of defects because of their small size.
Fact 4
Actually, this is a complete myth. Did you know we have less than 2 percent of puppies who fall sick from any genetic or congenital defects yearly? We are asked often if the lifespan is cut short because they are so tiny. The answer is NO absolutely not as size doesn’t determine life expectancy. Its overall genetics that determines life expectancy just like with every living thing including you. You would really be surprised if you looked at the pedigrees for the pups we offer as 99% are often from show lines and excellent specimens of the breeds we offer. Teacup puppies are not prone to more health issues just because of their size and would not be any more susceptible than their standard sizes. If the bloodline is filled with genetic defects then yes you will have puppies that have these same defects and no matter the size the pups would be at risk. We only have partnered with breeders who have a reputation of providing excellent quality and health. However, Teacup puppies are considered fragile because of their tiny sizes and do require a certain lifestyle and its up to you to do the research on how to care for them properly before investing in such an expensive pet. They are not toys, a fashion accessory or a popularity gain. You should always ask questions and read their basic care needs. We do try and provide you the very best tools and knowledge to raise a healthy, socialized puppy. When I say fragile, this is what I mean, Teacup puppies are not for young children as they have tiny, little bones that break easily. They cannot be left on a sofa or on a bed without supervision as they are brave and bold and will make the first escape route they know how and that’s to jump and often end up with injuries. They do require scheduled feedings and that is usually every 4 to 5 hours during daytime hours and depending on the actual size of the puppy nighttime feeding too. So, ask yourself do I have the time, dedication and love to provide care for all the puppy’s needs?
What I find most disgusting is that how these bloggers like to post articles like it was actual news and curve it towards teacup puppies or sellers of teacup puppies stating things about puppy mills but, ask yourself where are these photos of white poms, maltese, yorkies and all these toy breeds puppy mill photos if they have investigators on it? Where is the media showing actual images of this going on with these teacup breeds. That is because it is not accurate information and another propaganda to make dog breeders/sellers to look bad.
We want to share our clients stories, reviews and also more about our partner in Korea and their story. You will see more behind the scenes on our website than any other in Korea. I am not stating all Korean Sellers are trustworthy or offer the best out there but, we have a partner with the same vision as us and thats putting our client first and making sure that they are taken care of and the needs of their new teacup puppy. There are always bad apples in every bunch but, you cannot put everyone in the same category just because you feel that it is wrong or against what you believe.
We have a client gallery filled with clients who have purchased our dogs and you are more than welcome to reach out to them and ask them how healthy their puppy is from us and if they have had these terrible, experiences with owning a teacup puppy.
Why teacup puppies have a bad rep?
John Doe contacted  a month ago to buy a teacup pom because he saw one on tv or some ad in a magazine and just had to have one. John Doe, tells us that he is ready to move forward with his impulse purchase and that he has researched the pomeranian breed to
know all the care requirements and also promises he has read all the info on our site and has everything on the list we have given to him to bring his puppy home. Ok, so lets move forward to the day his teacup puppy arrives to him. John Doe emails us and ask what do I feed this puppy? How often should I feed? Can you puppy sleep in my bed at night? How do I house train this puppy? I always find this quite ridiculous when we have often clients who impulse buy teacup dogs and will tell us they have completed all the necessary training and research and asked all the questions prior to purchase so they are fully informed if they can provide the lifestyle and care for a teacup puppy. When people make impulse buying decisions with teacup puppies and we can go over and over the care requirements they get lost in translation somewhere between the excitement of bringing home a new puppy and preparing themselves for the care the puppy will need. So, move forward 10 days after John Doe has his teacup puppy home. Its Sunday and John  leaves the puppy at home for a full day while he goes out and enjoys the day at the lake with his buddies. John Doe comes home 8 hours later and finds his teacup puppy clinging to life because he forgot to check the food bowl before he left for the day. Now John Doe, rushes and picks up his listless teacup puppy and rushes it to the closest animal emergency vet because they are the only one open on Sunday. He arrives and tells them I just found my puppy like this in this condition and he has no idea why because he didnt do the proper research. Now, his puppy is fighting for its life and if the puppy had been in the hypoglycemia state for too long the puppy is sure not to make it. Well, 4 hours later vet calls John to let him know his poor teacup puppy has passed and now John is so upset and mad. Guess first person he calls, The seller and complaining that his teacup puppy has just died and he wants a refund or another dog. Ok, John can you send us over a full vet report explaining the diagnosis and why your puppy has died and we will review it. 3 days later, we get the report from the vet and there is no known reason other than hypoglycemia because John didnt feed his teacup puppy properly as instructed by us. So, John doesnt get a replacement puppy. So John realizes he just spent $5000 on a puppy and is very angry that his puppy died and wants to blame someone…. Hmmm.. He thinks.. Let me go to google and write my story and experience on teacup dogs and just tell everyone they are NOT HEALTHY and have nothing but, problems….
You have no idea how often this happens. Anytime you invest your life, money and time into a pet you should do proper research on how to care for them and sure you are going to read some terrible things about owning a teacup dog in that process but,
ask the seller and if they are a reputable source they will take the time to answer your questions and concerns. Do not just read a blog or story written by someone who has never owned, bred or raised a teacup puppy. There are a lot of factors on how to care for these puppies and they are not for everyone or their lifestyle. Also, make sure you do the research on the breed. Do not purchase a teacup puppy just because you like the way it looks!  You need to research the breed you are most interested in to be aware of their temperaments, traits and health concerns. Teacup puppies have no greater health risk than the actual standard sizes of their breed. The only health concern considered to teacup puppies is hypoglycemia and that is for all toy breed puppies not just teacup puppies. Teacup Puppies are more sensitive to environmental changes so keeping them in a calm, caring home with lots of love and attention is always necessary.
Sure, there have been teacup dogs that have had this or that wrong with them and yes there may be genetic issues but, that doesnt have a darn thing to do with the size of the dog. It can happen to ANY BREED, ANY DOG at ANYTIME but, people like
to point the blame to the size of the dog when it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the congenital defect the dog is suffering from as it was passed down from bloodlines not the size.