Is a Teacup Puppy Right For Your Family?

There are a lot of factors to determine whether a teacup puppy is right for your family.


Teacup Puppies are so adorable and so cute but, please remember they require a lot of care and should only go to responsible owners. They are to be placed in homes where they received undivided love and attention.

They are not toys and require attention, caring, and a comfortable environment.


It is important to think about your daily schedule and consider the time you can allow to care for you teacup puppy.

Teacup puppies do require time as they need to be fed more frequently as puppies than larger standard size of the breed. They need to eat every 4 to 5 hours as food is their source of energy. Tiny teacup puppies do not retain body fat due to their high metabolism so feeding schedules are important factor on raising a healthy puppy.

All the love and snuggle time is important factor as well as pups need socialization and teacup puppies are not any different. They need to have bonding time with their owners daily.

Training time is important factor also as training your pup basic obedience and manners will make for a better pet.


It is important to also consider what breed is right for you? Many fall in love with a look of a puppy but do not research the breed to make sure its a match based on characteristics, personality and grooming requirements for their family.


We will go over more in detail of the different breeds in another post so you can read over the different characteristics of each teacup size breeds we offer and help you make a determination which puppy is right for your family.


Teacup Puppies are perfect in small living spaces like apartments and condos. They do not require a ton of exercise and do well in a puppy playpen when not supervised. Teacup Puppies enjoy their own space to sleep, eat and play.

Toys, chews and treats are some of their favorite pass times and great for aiding in training.


Teacup Puppies enjoy going for short walks and can be trained to walk on a lead. We

do prefer harnesses to the traditional collars. Teacup Puppies are smart and are trainable to all basic obedience. We do encourage after your puppy has reached 5 to 6 months and has been fully vaccinated to sign up for training classes as it will be a fun activity for your teacup puppy and also be helpful for them to be exposed to other dogs and people.

Socialization as mentioned above is such an important factor with any pet and especially teacup breeds. Many ask are teacup puppies barkers and do they bite?

A well, socialized teacup puppy will usually not be a barker or bite as they will be used to different sounds, people and environments.

Keeping your puppy tucked away at home where they have little interaction with other dogs and people they can become dominant of the home and be very leery of strangers. Socialization is a key factor when owning any dog.


These are just a few factors with owning teacup puppies and things you definitely should consider before owning one. We will publish more articles and post just like these to help guide you in making the right decision for your new family member.