VIP Deposit Waiting List

We have started a paid deposit waiting list for customers that are wanting to order by special request a certain breed, size and color as we can locate any puppy of your choice. We have this service for $1000 to $2500 (depending on the price/rarity of the pup we are locating)  and it will go towards the purchase price of your puppy. So many clients will call asking for something in particular and we end of searching for it from our breeders and locating it and then we offer the puppy and never hear back from buyers . Note we cannot find puppy exactly like any puppy on my website but, we can come close to finding the same quality, color, size and type. Call us today for consultation to find your dream puppy! We really work hard to help meet your budget if reasonable but, please do not contact us looking for $1000 to $2000 smallest puppy as this is not a budget we can work with. Our pups are typically $3500 and up. If you would like a quote on your dream pup call us today. Clients who pay the $1000-$2500 location Fee Listed Above will always have priority over clients in the VIP Membership Group.

We often have calls of clients asking for a puppy that we have sold and now over 1000 newsletter signups. The only problem with newsletters is that only about 30 percent of our clients on the newsletter are receiving our messages as most often they are filtered to spam. Client ask us to please contact them when we have a certain puppy with the amount of inquiries we receive weekly its impossible to keep up but, now we have a way with our Platinum Membership Group. Scroll Down Past Image to read details on how to sign up.

Also, we often let clients know that if inquiring on a puppy that our business receives a reach of 1 million clients weekly as our services are provided worldwide. This is our reach just for this week on facebook alone and not through our website traffic or instagram. Our website traffic is over 5k visitors a day and instagram reach is over 42k. So while you are looking at a puppy and decided to wait to call there are most likely 100 other clients watching the same puppy.

Please call us if you would like to submit a Waiting List Deposit as we like to go over terms before accepting payment. 1-888-743-0325

VIP Membership Group ~ Never Miss your Dream Puppy Again! We notify you once a puppy you are searching for becomes Available.
How to Sign up Below ~ Never miss your dream puppy again! Be the first to know when your breed, sex and puppy come available. This is ideal for our rare breeds and a way to be in touch with us.

1. Pay $10 Membership Fee via Credit Card and your membership valid for 1 year. Once paid please submit the form on the VIP MEMBERSHIP page.  $10 fee for the first 500 members. After that the membership fee will be $20 a year.

2. We send you an invite to our VIP Membership Group on Facebook. If you do not have facebook you can join our email list.

3. We post available puppies for which you are seeking in our group 48 hours before puppies go live to our social media or website.

4. Once you find the puppy in the group for which you would like to reserve post SOLD and comment with your email address ( you may also email or call us) so that we can invoice you for payment to reserve the puppy.

5. We no longer offer discounts to NON-VIP members so please sign up to see our latest deals and featured pups. We offer many incentives for joining our VIP Membership. You also earn an entry into our VIP Free puppy Giveaway Event.


Call us today to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and NEVER miss your dream pup again as our pups are in high demand and may often sell before listing on our site. 1-888-743-0325 ~

Complete the Form below to sign up for our VIP group!


  • Please Note: Certain Breeds and Sizes will require a minimum budget so please email or call us to get an estimate if you have questions regarding pricing as we make no guarantees that we will have a puppy to fit your budget. Pricing is determined by size, quality and overall looks.
  • Let us know how we should connect with you to keep you informed on our promos, sales and updates?