Also, we often let clients know that if inquiring on a puppy that our business receives a reach of 1 million clients weeklyas our services are provided worldwide. This is our reach just for this week on facebook alone and not through our website traffic or instagram. Our website traffic is over 5k visitors a day and instagram reach is over 42k. So while you are looking at a puppy and decided to wait to call there are most likely 100 other clients watching the same puppy.

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How to Sign up Below ~ Never miss your dream puppy again! Be the first to know when your breed, sex and puppy come available. This is ideal for our rare breeds and a way to be in touch with us.

1. Pay $100 Membership Fee via Credit Card and your membership if valid for 60 Days. You notify us to what breed, sex, color, and size puppy you are seeking. Your Membership Fee goes towards the price of the puppy you decide to purchase.

2. We send you an invite to our Platinum Membership Group on Facebook. ( Must have a facebook profile to accept invite )

3. We post available puppies for which you are seeking in our group 24 hours before puppies go live to our social media or website.

4. Once you find the puppy in the group for which you would like to reserve post SOLD and comment with your email address ( you may also email or call us) so that we can invoice you for payment to reserve the puppy.

5. If after 60 Days you do not see a puppy in our group that you would like to reserve you may cancel or renew for another month. Again, all fees paid will go towards your purchase of a puppy. If we have offered the breed, sex, color to your specification of which you requested your membership fee will not be refunded. However, if we have not offered you a puppy to those specifications then you may cancel for a full refund.

6. If 2 clients decide they want the same puppy the client who has been in the group the longest will have 1st right to the puppy. The client has up to 4 hours to pay the invoice or the puppy will go to next in line.

7. There are also incentives on joining the VIP group as we you will be offered several promotions and discounts.

Call us today to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and NEVER miss your dream pup again as our pups are in high demand and may often sell before listing on our site. 1-888-743-0325 ~

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