A little more information about our Discounts/Offers and how they work. We do not offer ANY discounts to Non-VIP Members. So if you call us asking for a discount you will be instructed to sign up for a VIP Account to see what promotions we currently have going on and what pups may have a discount.  The only time a puppy is discounted is if it is older than 4-6 months and we have reduced pricing due to size increase, age, coat change etc. We usually never have huge discounts on puppies unless the puppy is older than 6 months and has not sold with the exclusion of some breeds like yorkies, maltese as long coated dog breeds quality actually increases as they mature and age due to the high maintenance of the breed. Also, if we have an older puppy that stays very small the price will likely be more not less because of age as you are purchasing a puppy with more of a weight guarantee.

Repeat Client Discounts are only offered to clients who have made a purchase of $4500 or more from us and it will be decided upon the amount you will be offered off depending on the rarity and price of the new puppy you are wanting the discount on and depending or not if the price for VIP Members has already been reduced.

We receive many calls for people just asking for a discount regardless… No, We do not owe you a discount. We are in a business and with that business we have employees, marketing, website maintenance, social media maintenance,  health guarantees to uphold and much more behind the scenes. We have the business to sell our pups for our prices and find amazing homes for them as most clients see the value in our business and the quality that we offer. We do not price match based on what some other company is selling their puppies for.  The puppy is your incentive to want to pay our price as we put so much time and energy into our business and thus we have been successful. I always mention to clients a pet is an investment. You can make a good investment with purchasing quality, health and beauty or you can purchase cheaper investment with lower quality. Our pups are a luxury and they are not affordable to everyone. Its up to you what on what you want and we are not here to decide that for you but, what we can do is tell you all the benefits of purchasing from us.

We do not accept pricing offers on puppies. If you have a discount or promotion going on it will be listed to our VIP Members and for that promotion or discount you MUST sign up for the VIP Membership to see the current specials if any. The price listed is what we will accept so no offers are accepted unless otherwise noted. We do not accept offers based on what  other businesses or sellers are selling their puppies for. We have a luxury brand and our asking prices are fair based on the quality of puppy we sell. Sure, there are cheaper puppies out there but, you will have a hard time finding our quality for much less unless its a scam website selling old puppy pics for $300-$500. Be careful for those scams. If it sounds too good to be true it likely is and NEVER PAY with Western Union or Moneygram for a puppy!

If you would like to sign up to see what current discounts and promotions we have please click this link and signup/upgrade your membership: 


With the VIP Membership your advantages are: 
These are all THINGS that NON-VIP Members do not have access too.
Non VIP members never get discounts!
~ You are notified of any discounts or promotions we have.
~ SOME puppies are marked down $100-$500 from time to time from the regular non-VIP price and you have access to those discounts.
~ On occasions we have new pups that are offered for a few hundred dollars off from NON-VIP Price.
~ You are notified of new puppies 48 hours before going live on our site and have the ability to purchase those first.
~ You have access to giveaways that we offer unless otherwise noted.
~ You are included in our Monthly VIP Featured Promotion as you know I usually host something fun monthly.
~ You are Entered into our Free Puppy Giveaways up to 1 year from the date you join.
~ You are offered VIP Select Pups that are not offered to Non-Vip Members.
~ Featured Puppy of the Week Discount~

Whats NOT Included in your Membership?
~ It does not guarantee you a discount on ANY puppy.
~ It does not mean that every puppy will have a discount.
~ If you are a repeat client and a VIP member it does not mean you will get a significant discount. We offer repeat clients discount depending on their first purchase with us and also depending how rare the pup they are wanting to purchase is.