Lil " Rosie" TINY TINY 1.4 lbs @ 5 MONTHS OLD! SOLD! Reserved for Michael in CA!
Lil " Rosie" TINY TINY 1.4 lbs @ 5 MONTHS OLD! SOLD! Reserved for Michael in CA!
Lil " Rosie" TINY TINY 1.4 lbs @ 5 MONTHS OLD! SOLD! Reserved for Michael in CA!

Lil " Rosie" TINY TINY 1.4 lbs @ 5 MONTHS OLD! SOLD! Reserved for Michael in CA!

Regular price $6,000.00

Amazing VIP Micro Teacup Rosie! Under 1 pound almost 4 months old! from Boutique Teacup Puppies on Vimeo.

Origin: South Korea

Delivery Time In 2 Weeks From Korea

Shipping Is $1500 With Nanny To Deliver To Your Closest Airport (Shipping Is Not Included In Price)

DOB: 07/07/18

Microchip #: 410100012342662 

NOTES : She is in Molting  (Monkey Phase) and not in full coat.  We can provide you an update if you like but, her coat is not in yet and likely be 3-4 months before it will fill in fully. VERY TINY SIZE 1.4 lbs at 5 months old! Estimating under 2 lbs full grown! Please no home with small children due to her tiny size! Her price will go up as she matures and coat comes back in. Reserve her now for this amazing price for under 2 lbs adult estimating weight. If size is most important factor to you then she is your baby! 

The Giggly & Lovable Rosie ! Micro Orange Pomeranian Baby Girl ! ....Rosie loves to brighten up the room around her with her silly antics. Lil Rosie has a beauteous rich orange coat paired with a baby doll face that truly portrays  top tier quality. This micro baby girl is super petite and is truly ideal to be a girls's best friend. Rosie is estimated to be UNDER 2 lbs full grown! 

Please make sure to read over our policies, rebates and whats included below prior to purchase.



• 1 Full Year Health Guarantee if Insurance is purchased at the time of sale. Also $500 reimbursement from us for medical expenses covered by the insurance company for up to 365 days after purchase.
• Up to date vaccinations/record
• Deworming
• Microchip (most pups)
• Life time support from over 27 years experience from a college educated vet technician.
• We offer shipping worldwide with a pet nanny.
• We do accept most major credit cards for your protection and security.
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Teacup Puppies LTD requires our clients to purchase a policy of health insurance for their puppy at the time of sale to have Our Warranty cover their puppy. 

This is an important step in safe guarding your puppy's health and to be sure if anything should ever come you have coverage and medicals expense coverage. We require insurance from . The required plan to purchase is their Major Medical Plus Wellness Rider plan that Nationwide has Available. 

We did the hard work of finding the best coverage to help you and we found Nationwide is the one to offer you best Wellness Care and Also largest payouts for Major Medical if so needed. 

A Bonus to having your pet covered by a 3rd party insurance company Teacup Puppies LTD also provides you with reimbursement no greater than $500 for up to 365 towards illnesses covered by the insurance company and also not related to hypoglycemia or accidental injury. Insurance must be Valid and without lapse in order for reimbursement. 

We also have Replacement Warranty Coverage included also for up to 365 days from the date of purchase. Read more on our Warranty page.

If you opt out of purchasing the Insurance The puppy purchased will be SOLD as its and we we have a form for you to complete that you understand those conditions.

Terms for payment on each of our puppies:

You may submit a deposit of $2500 and follow up with a bank wire or do a direct deposit into our business bank account. After we have received your deposit, we will follow up with an email with our banking info to finalize payment for your puppy. A deposit will hold you puppy for 48 hours only. If you need more time or need to discuss payments please call us a 1-888-743-0325 prior to placing your deposit so that we can approve final payment date. If the final balance is not paid on approved date or within 48 hours the puppy will go back up for sale you will be issued a letter of credit to use within the next 180 days. You will be prompted to upload a photo ID or Passport copy to us at the time of purchase to verify the identity of whom is making payment. We require a photo ID of the person making the payment only, not friends or family members. For our credit card purchases we must ship in the buyers name. Puppies are placed on hold for clients by deposit or payment only!

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Pricing on pups may be changed at any time that we do not have a deposit or reservation on a puppy. As we receive updates with weight and our puppies are staying smaller than we first generally estimated or the quality has increased with age the puppy's price may change at any time. Breeds you will typically see this more on are Yorkies, Maltese and Pomeranians.  

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds on any payments deposit or full payment for change of heart decisions no matter the circumstance. The only time a refund is given is if we determine you are not a suitable home for one of our puppies or if in the event the puppy has developed a life threatening defect or issue. We do not offer exchanges after a puppy has reached its home for the reason you do not like the puppy. The only time exchanges are applicable would be if the puppy developed a life threatening defect under our health warranty contract. By submitting payment for any puppy you agree to these terms.


Weight/Changes in development

We utilize the International Teacup Puppy Weight Chart to estimate all adult weights on our puppies. This chart is a guide at best and NOT an exact science. Therefore we do not and cannot make any guarantees on the estimated adult weights shown on each puppies page. This is also agreed to in your contract at the time of purchase. 

We cannot guarantee how your puppy will turn out and make no promises that he or she will coat color will not fade, change or be darker. We do not guarantee eye color will not darken, lighten or change. You are purchasing a puppy and there is not definite way to tell how the puppy will change and grow.