Breeder Network ~ Co-ownership


Are you interested in joining us and becoming our partner with co-owing a pom, yorkie or maltese? We are seeking families who would be interested in co-owning puppies from our Boutique for Future Breeding.

Established, reputable breeders may apply! If you have more than 4 breeding females and are not USDA licensed please do not apply. We will provide training for those who are new to breeding and raising a litter of puppies. We will also offer select puppies that we feel would be the best breeding prospects. Additionally, we will offer those puppies to you for 50% off their retail price.

Also, please understand this not a scheme for FAST MONEY or GET RICH QUICK program. This is for someone who has dreamed of owning one of our pups and wants to help raise 3 litter of pups for us and let us help guide and train you. You will be paid a fair price for the pups raised. We are looking for dedicated partners for our program and can appreciate the value.

A Few Terms:

  • We only offer female puppies for placement into our breeder program as we have all of our own studs to breed back to those in our breeders program. You may apply via wags also for financial help with your investment.
  • First pick puppy in every litter would be given back to us.
  • Contract for 3 successful litters of at least 1 living puppy.
  • All Vet expenses to be paid by Boutique Teacup Puppies for Breeding/Birthing the litter. All puppy care, vaccinations and whelping supplies will be the owners responsibility.
  • Every other puppy would be purchased for a certain amount up to value of $2250 depending on quality overall of each puppy as that amount is not set in stone depending on size/quality of the puppies.
  • We do require an application to be completed for consideration into our program. If Approved we will issue a contract for signature/notary.
  • We currently work with some of the World Best Breeders in South Korea and would like to bring those to the USA!

Complete this form below and we will email you over an application and contract to get started. You may download our application/contract forms here ~ CLICK HERE ~

Breeder Network Inquiry

Please complete this form if interested in joining our team of network breeders in the USA. We will send over and application and contract for you to review. We also have a facebook group with FAQ where we can chat with you.