We have updated our Warranty to better Benefit You!

We have updated our Warranty to better Benefit You!


We have updated Boutique Teacup Puppies Warranty for you! We have really tried to set our business apart from our competitors with offering rebates in the past for insurance but, we found that many would overlook these amazing benefits for their pups and kittens and miss out on all the wonderful coverage that their pet needs. 

So this week our team here at Boutique Teacup Puppies made some changes to benefit you and offer more protection for your puppy/kitten. We are now making it an important first step in adopting your puppy and putting their health and wellbeing number 1 with our mandatory insurance requirement with Nationwide. We are no way endorsed with Nationwide or offered anything for promoting their insurance. We went through several companies policies this week to see who offered the best coverage for the best price and we kept coming back to them. 

So starting now we are requiring all clients to purchase insurance with their puppy purchases and extended benefits of this are you do not have to worry about your puppy's health coverage and the focus can be more on bringing your adorable teacup puppy home without fear of expensive medical bills and not having coverage from the time your puppy arrives home. 

Also, We offer extended service to pay up to $500 towards your medical expenses within the 365 days of purchase date for conditions covered by Nationwide that are congenital, genetic. Our only exclusions are primary hypoglycemia related illnesses as hypoglycemia is a management issue that can arise in any toy or teacup breed without proper nutrition management. 
Included in the warranty are our 72 hour viral or illness protection as well and would fall in the $500 payout for all illness and infections covered by the insurance company. Full terms and conditions can be found on warranty page for this coverage. 

We do offer a replacement warranty also that will cover your pet for up to 365 days from original purchase date. More details on our replacement warranty can be found on our Warranty Info page on the website.

Please take some time to read over the Warranty Page on our site so that you can see the full details of whats covered and not. 



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