Scam Alert ~ Marta Olmos aka (Marias Tiny Teacup Puppies) our Former Sales Rep in Mexico no longer works for our company!

Marta no longer works for Boutique Teacup Puppies and is a former sales rep in Mexico for our business. It has come to our attention that she is sending clients from Mexico to my site to sell dogs of hers and also trying to make sales to my past clients from Mexico. I ask that you please contact me directly if you want a puppy from our Boutique. She doesnt have access to our breeding program or partners! She is no longer working for the boutique or offering our puppies for sale. There will be no pups offered through Marta from our boutique. So if you are in Mexico and wish to purchase a puppy to please contact us directly at 1-888-743-0325 or She operates a page Marias Tiny Teacup Puppies and Do not trust her to send you a dog or to send you a healthy puppy. 

If this woman or a lady by the name of ALENA contact you please let us know to sell one of our puppies! She is a scam and is messaging clients on our social media to get them to send her money to her bank in Mexico! SCAM ALERT!!! Do not trust her! 

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