Summer VIP Membership is Hot! Sign up today!

Our VIP Program just got a lot better just for you! We will be hosting monthly giveaways just for VIP Members for Luxury Pet Apparel and Accessories. Starting In June we are featuring our First Monthly Giveaway Event for a luxury dog bed. 

Sign up for VIP Membership here ~ CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

A few other highlights of being VIP: 

1. You are offered puppies at an introductory price that other non members will not be able to access. These prices can be up to $1000 off non VIP pricing. 

2. You will be included in our events, sales, and any promotions first and will be notified via our weekly newsletter! 

3. Coupon codes that our non members will not have access to. 

4. VIP Exclusive Facebook group for access to see all our arrivals first! 

5. Monthly Giveaway Events and once a year we feature a puppy giveaway event! 


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