New Puppy Arrivals This week for Pre-Orders!

SCAM ALERT! COPYCAT WEBSITE! Make sure to READ THIS If you are looking for a cheap teacup puppy!

Written by Ashley Anderson


Posted on December 03 2019


SCAM ALERT! COPYCAT! There is a website pretending to be us! Teacup puppies are not $500! I repeat teacup puppies are not $500!!! Don’t be fooled or scammed sending western union or money gram! We would never ask you to pay this way! If you see our pups on any other website besides ours @ then it’s not our pups and if you pay for a puppy from our site for $500 you will be scammed!

Today we are doing some research on the DOMAIN NAME and ZELLE Bank they are using to take money on these puppies they have advertised to get this scam operation shut down! We have been alerted by already 2 people who have fallen victim to this scam thinking they are getting the deal of a lifetime.
Http:// without the two p’s in the domain name!
This is NOT our website or any way affiliated with our business! Complete scam and bogus! Buyers beware! There is also a website that is acting to be us as well with two pps on the end of pups. This is NOT our domain and we do not have puppies that cost in total $500. 



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